AJ Barnes


Lance Nunley



The CBA would like to thank all our 2020 sponsors. Without the tremendous support of our sponsors the format, or the quality of the tournament, would not be possible. If you participate in the CBA events support our sponsors whenever possible, they support our sport.

COVID-19 New Blastoff and Weigh-in protocol

Blastoff Rules:

1. There will be no pay at ramps allowed. You must sign-up the week of the tournament at one of the designated signup locations. All of our signup locations are open for business.

2. There will be no CBA officers in the scale house prior to the tournament.

3. If you have any questions or need to know your boat number, please text AJ Barnes at 423-802-6799

4. Please do your part and remain 6 feet apart from everyone except for your tournament partner prior to blast off.

5. Blastoff will be conducted normally. When your boat number is called idle by the dock with your livewells open, and it will be single file until you get to the mouth of Chester Frost


Weigh-in Rules:

1. We will have 10 boat flights that will be in 10 minute increments. Do not get out of your boat until your flight is called.

2. When your flight is called. Have your fish in a weigh-in bag (CBA will not be providing weigh-in bags) Drop your partner off at the dock with your fish. Boat drivers remain in your boat.

3. The angler that is weighing in the fish bring your fish up to the scale house. Only 1 person is allowed at each holding tank. Holding tanks will be 10 feet apart.

4. Once you weigh-in fish, go straight to your tow vehicle and pull your partner and the boat out of the water.

5. Quickly get your boat secured and leave the park. DO NOT hang around the park once you have secured your boat.

6. If you are not going to weigh fish, either have your boat on the trailer prior to 3:45 or you must wait until your flight number is called

7. The person that is weighing in fish for your team must have a Face Buff or Mask covering your nose and mouth once you get off the boat onto the dock, and continue wearing it until you are inside of your truck.

8. There will be no trophy ceremony or checks handed out at the event. You may pick up your checks the week following the event at We've Got Spirit on HWY 58, Monday through Friday 9AM-5PM. We can also mail your check to you.