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March 18, 2023 Coca-Cola March Open tournament information:

Date: 3/18/2023

****Important Announcement regarding Saturday’s March CBA****
Due to the water levels we will not be able to use Dayton Boat Dock this weekend. Please read this carefully!
Blastoff and weigh-in will be at Chester Frost, BUT YOU CANNOT PUT YOUR BOAT IN AT CHESTER FROST.
Please use a ramp close by: Wolftever, Harrison Bay, Soddy Creek, Skull Island etc… and run over to Chester Frost.
Blastoff will begin at 8AM not safelight. This will give you a few minutes to run over in the daylight.
At weigh-in when it is time for your flight to weigh-in you will use the two courtesy docks to offload your fish and come up and weigh them in. Once you weigh your fish you will go back to the dock, release your fish, then move away from the courtesy dock.
If you want to float out in the bay after you weigh your fish to listen to weigh in you can. We will have speakers pointed out towards the bay.
This tournament will operate very similar to the tournaments we had during the pandemic.
This is our only option and I appreciate everyone’s cooperation.

Time: Safelight until 4:00PM

5 Fish: 15" LM | 18" SM | 12" Spotted Bass

Everyone must sign up for the tournament at a signup location this week. Even if you prepaid for the season you much sign up at a location and fill out a weigh-in card. New teams fill out a yellow card, youth teams fill out an orange card and everyone else fills out a blue card.

We will be doing the optional $10 Big Fish side pot. You must pay that when you register for the tournament.

Sign Up Locations:

Soddy Custom Tackle

Chattanooga Fish-N-Fun

Sportsmans Warehouse

Jack's Bait and Tackle

Fish Tails

2023 Season Information:

What's New for 2023:

1. If you or your partner have not won a CBA in the last 5 years and you win one you will receive an additional $1,500.

2. We will be paying 1 in 5 boats like we always have. In addition to that the following places will be paid $200 each; 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th and 40th place

2023 Entry Fees if you do not pre-pay for the season:

New Teams and Regular Teams: $150 + Optional $10 Bigfish Sidepot

Youth Teams: $60 + Optional $10 Bigfish Sidepot